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Since initiating the Sunday 10:30 Mass at Most Holy Redeemer Church, the ordinary number of those in attendance has been approximately 110 people. This is much less than anticipated.

The main reason having this Mass was to serve the families of our school and at the same time give parishioners, particularly in the surrounding area of Deptford, another opportunity to celebrate Sunday Mass. Sadly this has not been the case.

In September of this year, our parish lost a priest who was able to help initiate this Mass. In his absence these last few months, it has been a very real hardship on the existing priests who have nine other weekend Masses to celebrate. It is also difficult to provide for the other necessary liturgical ministries such as Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Music and Altar Servers.

Our parish has nine Masses at a variety of times and places that allow parishioner to have multiple opportunities to attend Mass. This is more than most parishes provide for their parishioners.

We plan to continue this Mass until January 1, 2016 and will keep it only if the attendance in the next two months increases significantly.

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It's time to update our database with any changes. additions, or deletions that may have occured in your family over the past year.

If you have not informed the Parish Office about changes to your record, please call 856-845-0123. Registration forms may be dowloaded from here. Check bulletin for more details.

Holy Trinity Regional School
Be sure to visit us on our website for news and events or call 856-848-6826

Lifelong Faith Formation
See Lifelong Faith Formation Section on our parish website for more information on upcoming events and meetings.

If you have a first grader, or have never attended our program before, forms are available by clicking on 2015-16 Registration Fees and Forms

Parish Wedding Guidelines

Just what you were looking for, our Parish Wedding Information Booklet.

If you have additional questions about the guidelines, please contact the parish office, 856-845-0123. (Revised 10.07.2015)

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